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Infinite Energy Method Certification Program 

Biofield Timeline Repatterning - 2 day Course

There are three intensive weekend courses which teach using sound therapy to balance the chakras, work on the body, and repattern the biofield.

The coursework for Level 3 – Biofield Timeline Repatterning will include:

o   Develop an understanding of the subtle energy bodies of the human biofield.

o   Hands-on practice in assessing, communicating with, and shifting energy in the biofield using tuning forks.

o   Applications of this method for use in your practice, or with family and friends.

Goals of Level 3 – Biofield Timeline Repatterning:

o   An in-depth perspective of the Human Energy Field will be presented.

o   Our Electric Nature and the physics of sound will be highlighted.  

o   The Four Pillars of Health will be defined, and how each applies to your client. 

o   Connect with fellow students through hands-on applications of theory and practicum. 

o   Learn the protocol for conducting a Biofield Timeline Repatterning Session, and do hands-on practice during class time.  

o   Build on your knowledge from the previous two levels to create a multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness. 

o   Develop and use intention to decipher information found in the human biofield.

o   Trust the wisdom of the body to heal using psychoacoustics and trust your innate wisdom to sense energy and information using tuning forks.



The INFINITE ENERGY METHOD is a powerful intuitive modality developed by Dr. Rea Tarnava that incorporates subtle energy physics-based therapy delivered through the use of tuning forks to create vibration and sound beneficial in transforming the body, subtle bodies, mind, emotions, spirit, and biofield.  This complex multi-disciplinary method is founded in practices such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy medicine, applied kinesiology, somatic work, Qi Gong, and health coaching.  The name ‘Infinite Energy’ comes from the unlimited healing potential we all possess.


The certification program consists of three levels:  

            Balancing the Chakras

            Vibracoustic Body Work

            Biofield Timeline Repatterning


*Gather a group of 4 or more participants, and you can book a class directly with Rea.


**Future dates will be posted as they become offered.  Please subscribe below to receive updates by email.   


- - - - ONLINE CLASSES now available! - - - -


Contact Rea at for upcoming class dates.   

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