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Weighted Body Set with Two Gem Boots and Special Activator

Weighted Body Set with Two Gem Boots and Special Activator


This set is for working on the body.  It is perfect for Infinite Energy Method spinal activation & clearing technique.  Set comes with one 128Hz Otto weighted fork, one 136.1 Om weighted fork, two gem tuning fork boots, and a specialized activator in gift box, with two velvet tuning fork sleeves.  


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Clinical grade, impact resistance and non-magnetic corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy construction for light weight and durability. 
  • WEIGHTED TUNING FORKS have a better conduction of sonic vibration when used on the body.  Great for clearing neurolymphatic points, headaches, muscle pains, or releasing trauma.  
  • GEMSTONE TUNING FORK BOOT - An ideal accessory for conduction of sonic vibration to the body by directing energy precisely to neurolymphatic or acupuncture points.  The sound of the tuning fork creates resonance in the gemstone, creating precise energy channels for relief of pain, anxiety and trauma.  
  • SPECIALIZED SILICONE HAMMER serves as a percussion tool.


If out of stock, contact Rea to order at  Two week delivery.  

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