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The effects of the experimental mRNA altering Covid-19 injections, being referred to as "Covid-19 Vaccines" by Health Canada, have not been through large scale clinical trials.  As such, there are concerns around  possible viral shedding in newly vaccinated individuals to those who have chosen at this time to wait for clinical trials to be completed.  As these injections employ new technologies which are currently untested and unproven by medical science, we are taking a conservative approach at this clinic as many of our clients are immuno-compromised.   


The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has shown multiple permanent side effects rendering individuals unable to perform daily activities, as well as a significant number of deaths.  As of January 2023 the number of deaths in America from Covid-19 injections has topped 696,103 with over 4 million reports of injuries.  VAERS states that only a fraction of injuries and deaths are reported so the actual number of deaths and injuries are much higher.  Physican colleagues that we work with in the US, have confirmed that since the beginning of 2022, they are seeing increases in heart related deaths over 30% in their clinics in Covid-19 vaccinated individuals.  

As such, we respectfully ask that you wait 4 months (120 days) from your last injection, before booking an appointment as shedding effects are currently unknown.  

The Covid injections contain ingredients such as MRC-5 Cells derived as live cells from aborted babies, as well as nanoparticles including graphene oxide and other heavy metals, which are known to cause cancer.     


Legislation passed by the Canadian Government removed all liability from drug companies.  This means you have no recourse to sue for injuries, damages or wrongful death incurred from the Covid-19 injections.   

Medical coercion is unlawful and a violation of your human rights.  If you take the mRNA injection, your DNA will be forever altered making you 'less than 100% human', a technicality that would allow governments to take away your 'human rights'.  Additionally, there is no research nor data showing which of your 100,000 protiens will be altered by Covid-19 injections.  Researching the side of science that is being suppressed may save your life.   


We will keep you abreast of any changes, and hope that you will consider 'watching and waiting' until clinical trials have been completed in 2024.  It is not worth your health or your life in order to travel, or keep employment.   

We see the power of the body to heal itself naturally, without the intervention of harmful chemicals, un-necessary medical procedures, and untested DNA altering injections. Every other species in nature, including the plant and animal kingdom heal themselves...  why should we believe that humans are the only species on Earth that cannot?  

Thank you, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding.  



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