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I met Rea after years of trying to “figure out” my health on my own, through curiosity and passion, I dove down the rabbit hole of energy work and came across Biofield Tuning utilizing sound therapy and the human energy field to calm the nervous system – but it does much more than that, and so does Rea. 


We had two sessions together utilizing the tuning forks, and I felt like a different person after the first session. Life circumstances and events that would normally trigger me in a negative way did not register or were given only a moments notice. As a very emotionally sensitive individual, this was huge! I started to pursue activities that were not normally in my realm of comfort, I didn’t feel constrained anymore, that anything is possible. 


I keep going back to Rea as what she does and the effects the work is having is fascinating and incredibly beneficial to me! Methods and modalities backed with science and fun! Investigating your own body with Rea is an adventure and I continue to be amazed at what we uncover, peeling back the layers of a lifetime of limiting beliefs, health issues and stuckness using a variety of modalities at Rea’s disposal.  

I am incredibly grateful for having found her – a heart centered, knowledgeable practitioner of the healing arts and a professional who I would consider a mentor. 

Thank you Rea for loving what you do! 

Allison Taylor

I have terrible chronic pain in my side and shoulder, and have wrestled with angry outbursts likely due to the pain. Rea works with my pain, and I can go weeks before I need a tune up.  As for my anger, I am happy to say that I feel so much more calm and in control of my emotions.  I don't feel the need to lash out anymore.  


Thanks Rea for keeping me well.  

John B. 

I struggled with anxiety and it was making life very difficult for me.  After seeing Rea for only three months, my anxiety is back to a normal range, and I can leave the house again.  She did homeopathy, tapping, breathing exercises, and Biofield Tuning, as well as giving me exercises to do at home.  I will be seeing her for chronic sore throats next since this worked wonders!

Andrew C., Calgary 

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to experience 9 weeks in a row with Rea. Her compassion, wit, intelligence and dedication all serve to enhance her deep intuition and amazing ability to sense exactly what is going on within and around the body. Having come from a turbulent past, Rea was able to pinpoint with remarkable accuracy what had occurred and then correct those energy imbalances. I am now like a new person, I feel incredible physically, and emotionally. Rea removed burdens I had been carrying for 61 years and I am forever grateful.


People have noticed and commented on the change and I always happily refer them to Rea!


Donna L., Vancouver BC    


I had a tuning session done with Rea and I am quite blown away by how psychic she is. She went through my life from age 0 to the age I am now, making note of specific ages in which significant events happened. She was incredibly accurate. After she noted these significant events, she then went in and tuned a specific point in my body. After my session, I slept very deeply. I've seen many intuitives and Rea is the most accurate one I have ever met.

Julie S.

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