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Infinite Energy Method Courses

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Infinite Energy Certification Program

Welcome to the Infinite Energy Method Certification Program, a new modality being developed by Rea Tarnava.  There are three levels which teach using sound therapy to balance the chakras, work on the body, and tune in the biofield.  Each level consists of an intensive two-day class.  

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**Put together your own group of 4 or more participants, and book a level 1, 2 or 3 with Rea directly.


Level 1:  Tuning Fork Essentials - Balancing the Chakras 

Designed to introduce you to the essentials of tuning forks for self-care, as well as using them on others.  An overview of the chakras will be discussed, how to correctly strike a tuning fork, using tuning forks to balance the energy centres, testing and correcting energy in the body, and much more.  

Date:  May 6 & 7, 2023.  Please contact Rea at to request dates. 

Level 2:  Tuning Fork Essentials - Working on the Body

Designed to introduce you to the essentials of using tuning forks on others.  More advanced testing and correcting methods will be presented, using unweighted forks on the body to release trauma, remedy pain, balance the meridians, and much more.  

Date:  Please contact Rea at to request dates. 

Level 3:  Tuning Fork Essentials - The Human Biofield 

Designed to provide an overview of the human biofield, developing your intuition and claires, using tuning forks in the field, how to listen for energy blocks, advanced tests using the pendulum, and much more.  

Date:  June 4 & 5, 2023 (SOLD OUT)  Please contact Rea at to request dates. 

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