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Transformational Bioenergetic Sound Therapy

Infinite Energy Method Practitioners

Each of the practitioners listed are certified in the Infinite Energy Method.


IEMP:  Completed levels 1 - 3 and are Certified 

IEMAP-1:  Completed the advanced training in Tuning Using Brainwave Frequencies

Calgary, Alberta

 Eve Izewski, BComm, PCC, C.H.N.C., IEMP 

Eve photo.jpg

 Eve harnesses her unwavering focus, boundless energy, and positive attitude to empower individuals, enabling them to recognize their true potential and manifest the life they've always envisioned. Working with those who seek to break free from conformity, she empowers them to embrace their authenticity with confidence, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Catering to unconventional thinkers ready to take full responsibility for their health and well-being, Eve provides tailored coaching designed to facilitate a holistic lifestyle realignment. The goal is to support individuals in maintaining a physically and emotionally resilient life, allowing them to live fully untamed. 

Eve is certified in the Infinite Energy Method, a three-level certification program which combines tuning fork sound therapy with traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, energy medicine, and chakra therapy. 



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