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Creamy Waves

Infinite Energy Method Advanced Practitioner Certification Program 

Tuning with Brainwave Frequencies - 2 day Course

There are three intensive weekend courses covering advanced principles in vibraccoustic-energy based therapies.

The coursework for Advanced Level 1 – Tuning with Brainwave Frequencies will include:

  • A discussion of the history of sound and vibrational healing in facilitating wellbeing, which includes understand the effects of the vagus nerve in chronic and acute stress, trauma and anxiety.  

  • The function of each of the main researched brainwaves being delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma will be examined.

  • You will learn how to use Infinite Energy Brainwave Tuners, which are binaural beat tuning tuning forks, to entrain the five brainwaves, improving several conditions.

  • How the vagus nerve aligns with the seven main chakras.

  • Heart-brain coherence will be presented, as a way of creating coherence in the body and restoring balance to the central nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic).  

  • Several protocols will be presented covering anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep issues/fatigue, the vagus nerve, and heart-brain coherence.   

  • Handout booklet and laminated charts will be included.  

Infinite Energy Vortex Brain Tuners - Six Fork Set will be required for this class.  



  • The Infinite Energy Method is a new and evolving modality based in the principles of quantum physics.

  • The methodologies and treatment protocols are based in vibracoustics, energy medicine, applied kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chakra theory, Qigong, and acupressure.


The name ‘Infinite Energy’ comes from the unlimited healing potential we all possess.


*Gather your own group of 4 to 6 participants, and you can book a class directly with Rea.


**Future dates will be posted as they become offered.  Please subscribe below to recieve updates by email.   


- - - - ONLINE CLASSES coming soon! - - - -


Contact Rea at for upcoming class dates.   

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