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Infinite Energy Method Certification Program 

Working on the Body - 2 Day Course



Welcome to the Infinite Energy Method Certification Program. There are three intensive weekend courses which teach using sound therapy to balance the chakras, work on the body, and balance the biofield.  The coursework for Level 2 – Working on the Body will include:


  • Understanding the themes of the meridians as defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Hands-on practice in assessing, communicating with, and shifting energy in the meridians using alarm points and pulses.

  • Using sound therapy to balance the meridians through accupoints for sedating and strenthening.

  • Lecture on neurolymphatic points on the body.

  • Using weighted forks to work with neurolymphatic points.

  • Applications of this method for use in your practice, with family, or for yourself.



  • The Infinite Energy Method is a new and evolving modality based in the principles of quantum physics.

  • The methodologies and treatment protocols are based in psychoacoustics, energy medicine, Touch for Health (applied kinesiology), Traditional Chinese Medicine, chakra theory, Qigong, and acupressure.


The program currently consists of three levels with certificates given for completion:

  • Balancing the Chakras

  • Working on the Body

  • The Human Biofield (Timeline Therapy)


The name ‘Infinite Energy’ comes from the unlimited healing potential we all possess.


Infinite Energy Method Expanded Tuning Fork Kit  


*Gather your own group of 4 or more participants, and you can book a class directly with Rea.


**Future dates will be posted as they become offered.  Please subscribe below to recieve updates by email.   


- - - - ONLINE CLASSES coming soon! - - - -


Contact Rea at for upcoming class dates.   

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