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Expanded Fourteen Piece Infinite Energy Tuning Fork Kit

Expanded Fourteen Piece Infinite Energy Tuning Fork Kit


The INFINITE ENERGY TUNING FORK KIT has been custom manufactured for the Infinite Energy Method.  Each tuning fork frequency was selected to perform a specific task in balancing the energy in and around the body in order to achieve coherence. 


This fourteen piece set comes with five unweighted forks:  174 Hz, 256.87 Hz, 384.87Hz, 528 Hz, and 4096 Hz.  There are two weighted forks:  64 Hz and 57 Hz.  Additionally, we include a rubber puck activator for the unweighted forks, two gem-stone tuning fork boots for the weighted forks, an Allen key for tuning or removing weights, one weighted fork barrel activator, and a pendulum, all packed in a lovely fabric carry bag with the Infinite Energy Method logo.  Each fork also comes in a velvet drawstring bag to avoid scratching. 


These forks will be used for balancing chakras, scanning the human biofield, clearing energies, repatterning incoherence, working directly on the body, and more.  


This kit is required for the INFINITE ENERGY METHOD Certification Program.  Click HERE to learn more.  


Orders will be available for pick up from Infinite Biofield Medicine, or we can ship directly to you for an additional fee.   


Contact Rea at to place an order if this product is out of stock.  

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