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4096 Hz Tuning Fork

4096 Hz Tuning Fork

SKU: 4096HZ

The 4096 Hz gining fork is tuned to the core frequency of quartz and may be used on crystals to amplify the energies and healing power of them. This specially designed tuner has a resonance that creates a wavelength powerful enough to penetrate through the skull, and into the neural epicenters in the brain. By vibrating your cranial bones, the Angel Tuner opens the gateway for spiritual insights and experiences. This tuner enhances your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration and a meditative state, as well as connections with higher powers, visions, and creative expression.  Can be directed at specific acupuncture points and to trace meridians.  Traumas and nightmares can be repatterned by using the fork while the client recalls the bad dream.  The 4096 Hz fork is also used to clear negative energies and entities from the biofield, energy centers (chakras), the physical body, places (home, room), physical items, animals, and to clear the energy from conflict or arguments.


Comes with a velvet bag.  Activator not included.  

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