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Infinite Energy Earth & Soul Star Duo

Infinite Energy Earth & Soul Star Duo

SKU: IEM-soulearth

The new Infinite Energy Method Earth Star and Soul Star duo are tuned to the Earth and Soul Star chakras, to facilitate transformation and transmutation of energies from below and above.  


The Earth Star tuning fork has a wonderful low vibration and tone, useful in grounding, relaxation, and balancing the nervous system.  This tuner aids in bringing Yin energy up from the earth.  


The Soul Star tuning fork has an elevated high frequency making it the fork of choice for work around the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, balancing the left and right brain, and bringing in energy from the cosmos to connect us to the human energy field and Divine Universe.


Used together, a flow is created from above to below, and we become a lightening rod, where information and energy can flow through us without becoming stuck.  




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