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Infinite Energy Method Certification Program 

Balancing the Chakras - 2 day Course

There are three intensive weekend courses which teach using sound therapy to balance the chakras, work on the body, and balance the biofield.

The coursework for Level 1 – Balancing the Chakras will include:

 o   Understanding the themes of the chakras and how health may be affected.

o   Hands-on practice in assessing, communicating with, and shifting energy.

o   Applications of this method for use in your practice, with family, or for yourself.


Goals of Level 1 – Balancing the Chakras:

o   We will investigate what the energy is trying to communicate, what we encounter in the energy centers, and what we can do to restore vitality to the chakras. 

o   Connect by creating an atmosphere for discussion that assists your client in connecting with their innate wisdom about health, and healing challenges. 

o   Interact with your client’s energies to show what is needed to return to balance.

o   Build on your own intuition and abilities to work with energy.

o   Use intention to activate healing wisdom, thus opening greater perception.

o   Trust the wisdom of the body to heal using psychoacoustics and trust your own innate wisdom to sense energy using tuning forks.



o   The Infinite Energy Method is a new and evolving modality based in the principles of quantum physics.  

o   The methodologies and treatment protocols are based in psychoacoustics, energy medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chakra theory, Biofield TuningTM, Qigong, and acupressure.  

o   The program currently consists of three levels:  

            Balancing the Chakras

            Working on the Body

            The Human Biofield

The name ‘Infinite Energy’ comes from the unlimited healing potential we all possess.

Infinite Energy Method Expanded Tuning Fork Kit  


*Gather your own group of 4 or more participants, and you can book a Level 1 class directly with Rea.


**Future dates will be posted as they become offered.  Please subscribe below to recieve updates by email.   


- - - - ONLINE CLASSES coming soon! - - - -


Contact Rea at for upcoming class dates.   

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